Monday 3 October 2011

A good time was had by all...

I have been so busy lately that my dedication to duty has be somewhat lacking and the blog has become a bit static...the reason for this is that last weekend I did my very first artist signing at Silly Bears Aberdeen!!

What a fabulous time we had. I was joined by Gregory Gyllenship  of Gregory Bears and Shelly Allison, The Rabbit Maker along with the refreshingly ( and annoyingly ;o/) young and trendy Andrew John all togged out in kilt and Vivienne Westwood making me in my Country Casuals outfit look and feel like an aged aunt!!

I had never been to Julieann Bruce's wonderful shop before and was anticipating it with both excitement and nervousness. I was totally overwhelmed by was like stepping into a wonderful nursery from bygone times. Bears peeped from every shelf and drawer, the window display is so tastefully done with a little iron bed upon which a carefully arranged pile of bears are perched, their pleading faces begging you to take them home.

Julieann has set a new standard with her shop, and has taken our industry into the realms of high end antique shops, art galleries and fashion houses with it's style and impeccable taste. This is just how bears should be viewed, in a showcase which highlights the artistry of the maker.

I think it's a bold move in a world where teddy bears can be viewed as twee, but here artist bears sit comfortably side by side with vintage Steiffs. The shop shows the bears to be more than is clear to the potential buyer that these artistic pieces have been selected by someone who knows about bears and collectors can feel that they are buying a piece of art, nostalgia, history or style with each bear they purchase.

So it's a thumbs up from me for Silly Bears! OOh and addd to that some wonderful canapes and Hibiscus Cocktails and you can say that a very good time was had by all!
Here is a selection of the bears that I sent to Silly Bears for the signing:


  1. Oh if only I could visit that shop!
    You must have been very excited Jenny.
    three cheers for the cocktails.

  2. Sounds wonderful! One Day.....