Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Fearne available for adoption

When I posted my bear last night I kept looking and thinking...'that bear should be a girl'.
So I worked today changing a few things and so I have turned L'il Tinka into a little girl bear called FEARNE
All the details are the same ..Fearne is a 9inch girl made from ultra cuddly grey beige Schulte faux fur. She has shell coloured paw pads in wool felt, which I have stitched and shaded. She has black glass eye to which I have added tiny leather eyelids and shading. I gave her a pretty beige hand crocheted bolero with a tulle tutu attached in sandy beige. I added a little crystal button and a matching hair bow.

I think she's exceptionally pretty



Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Hobo available!

Hobo is unexpectedly available!

Well poor HOBO hasn't got off to  good start. The high bidder on his auction who won him has now told me she wants me to cancel the 'order' which means she doesn't understand the rules of eBay, was overzealous in her bidding and has had buyers remorse . So I'm feeling very disgruntled and upset/confused ..but hey..you live and learn.  

He's undoubtedly one of the best bears I've ever made. Admittedly he's a new design but he has all the hallmarks of a real show stopper.
I spent a whole 35 hours creating his face, then the rest of him took me a further week to do.

When I cost out my bears I work out the costs of the materials and the time I spend on them along with advertising, insurance, listing costs, overheads and tax to arrive at my price. With eBay its slightly different. I start the price at the absolute minimum that the bear can be sold at and the hopefully I can achieve a good price for the more complex bears. Its a risky strategy because as in this case, with a new style after 70 hours work I can end up with an hourly rate of less than the minimum wage. But I don't care if I get my work seen and progress the design next time.

So I did think of listing Hobo again on eBay but I think he deserves to find a new home now.
So I'm offering him for sale at the high bidder price at the end of the auction. Which I believe is the fairest way to progress.
He is 22 inches tall has a double neck joint and has loc-line armature for posing in his limbs. He has wonderful taxidermy glass eyes to which I have added sculpted eyelids. He has a very realistic face with waxed and sealed nose which I needle felted.
He has trapunto leather paw pads and leather 'claws'
All in all he's a wonderfully characterful bear with lots of posing possibilities. I thoroughly enjoyed making him and I am extremely proud of him.

Please get in touch if you have any questions


Friday, 23 September 2016

Berry the Bunny available

This very sweet bunny is called Berry. She is 10 inches tall and has a very realistic face. I say girl ..I'm still not sure but then I can't tell with rabbits very often!
She is made from Tissavel Faux Fur and has alpaca foot pads which I sculpted.
I used large black glass eyes and shaded for added appeal. I spent ages scissoring a cute bunny nose and added offset ears lined with pink wool felt. Berry is very heavy with a weighted tummy which has been softly stuffed for posing.

Berry has been adopted...huge thanks !


Sunday, 18 September 2016

Little Darby available for adoption

This is Little Darby. He is a brand new design and I think he is very sweet.
I made him from chocolate brown tissavel faux fur and gave him a blended inset face with apoxy resin sculpted nose which I have stitched in place. He has glass eyes and sculpted detailing to create a sweet expression.
He is just under 9 inches tall and is quite a weighty bear as I filled his tummy with stainless steel beans.
Please get in touch if you have any questions about this sweet bear



Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Peep the Penguin

I'm so pleased with this baby penguin. He's called PEEP and he is the very first one I have ever made.
He's 9 inches tall and is made from Schulte faux fur in ivory, black and silver grey.
He has a sculpted beak in apoxy clay, needle felted face detailing, black glass eyes and hand detailing to create a baby face.
He has wired leather feet and wired 'wings' which can be posed gently. He also has a loc-line armature spine so he can look up and down and tilt his head inquisitively side to side.

I hope you like this new design, I am thrilled with him!
His adoption fee is £325 including UK postage. Postage overseas is an extra £20.


Friday, 22 July 2016

Lollipop the Kitten Available

 This sweet kitten is called Lollipop. She's made from black and ivory alpaca. She has hand painted glass eyes and a sculpted nose and muzzle.
I have needle felted her paw pads in palest pink and added lots of detailing to create a sweet kitten face.
She has leather ear linings and eyelids. I added some little whiskers and a tiny kitten tail too.
She's just under 10 inches tall and is filled with polyfibre fill and stainless steel balls for added weight 
Lollipop has been adopted .. Huge thanks

Friday, 1 July 2016

Nano the polar bear cub on eBay

I have been slowly working on the lovely and very special bear.
He is called NANO which means very small but though he's small compared to a real polar bear he's actually quite and armful of cuddly bear.
He's about as realistic as I dare to go while retaining my little bit if whimsical characterful expression which I love to give my bears.
He's 17 long and when standing is about 11inches tall.
He can pose beautifully and has masses of hand detailing which makes him quite a showstopper of a bear.
He's made from ivory alpaca and all the details are on the eBay page. He has a starting price of £500 and I offer free UK postage. Postage overseas is £30 extra as he's a heavy bear

Click here to visit the auction

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions