Thursday, 7 December 2017

Pretty Amber available for adoption

I’m thrilled to introduce Amber my newest bear. She’s just under 14 inches tall. She’s made from feathery vintage German mohair. 
I added a dense Schulte faux fur muzzle and sculpted it to create a sweet profile 
I gave her sculpted woolfelt paw pads. She has hand painted violet glass eyes finished with sculpted detailing. 

I made her a pretty dress in beige and yellow ochre linen and I added a hand knitted cardigan trimmed with vintage daisy and she’s wearing a pretty hair bow. 

Her adoption fee including UK postage is £425. 


Sunday, 3 December 2017

Chai Panda available for adoption.

This is Chai Panda. He a very sweet panda made from a mix of Tissavel and Schulte faux fur in cream and very dark brown. He’s just under 12 inches tall and is quite a substantial weight. 
He has wool felt sculpted paw pads in beige which I’ve shaded in a coppery gold. 
He has s brown stitched nose and black glass eyes with sculpted lids. 
He’s an extremely sweet Panda. I hope you like him. 
Please get in touch if you have any questions
His adoption fee is £325 including postage within the UK. Shipping worldwide is an extra £25
Choose option one for UK deliveries and option two for worldwide

Monday, 27 November 2017

Basil Available for immediate adoption

I'm thrilled to introduce this lovely boy who I have called Basil.
He's a big 24 inch boy made from Tissavel faux fur in pale gold with foxy markings. He is softly stuffed  with locline armature in his limbs and a double neck joint so he can pose nicely. He has taxidermy eyes with sculpted eye detailing. He has beige wool felt trapunto paw details and a needle felted and sealed nose shaded with black.
He's an extremely detailed bear who took many long hours of work to complete.
His adoption fee is £695 including UK postage. Worldwide postage is an extra £35 due to the size of the box.

Basil has been adopted. Huge thanks 

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Charlotte available for adoption now

This is Charlotte. She's an extremely pretty 14.5 inch girl made from fabulous warm gold Schulte Mohair.
She has sculpted wool felt paw pads in pale beige.
I have given her black glass eyes which I have sculpted upper and lower eye lids on to and shaded in a shimmery bronze shade.
I have stitched a bronze nose which I sealed for durability.
She's wearing a sweet cotton dress in pale blue with a fluffy mohair hand knitted cardigan trimmed with little white daisies

Her adoption fee is £425 including UK postage. Postage to overseas address is an extra £25.



Friday, 10 November 2017

Tabitha available for adoption.

I’m thrilled with how this sweet tabby kitten turned out. I have called her Tabitha and I think it really suits her. 
She’s 10 inches tall and has taken me ages to make. She has hand rooted tabby shading to her needle felted face. I gave her blue green taxidermy eyes and I lined her ears with wool felt. I needlefelted little paw pads and I shaded her coat to give her a tabby look. 
She can sit and stand if balanced  and is made from soft Schulte faux fur. 
Her adoption fee is £425 including UK postage 
Overseas postage is an extra £25. 

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Lola available for adoption now

I'm so thrilled to introduce LOLA. She's 14 inches tall and made from a peachy beige straight pile mohair.
She has a very sweet face which I have scissored to create a lovely soft profile.
I stitched a beige/oatmeal nose in satin embroidery thread and added a soft sheen of sealant.
She has wool felt sculpted paw pads in beige which I have carefully shaded. she has sculpted eye detailing with added shading
I made her a pretty butterfly dress in embroidered chiffon with an ivory tulle underskirt.
I made her a sweet hair ornament to complete her feminine look
If you have any questions do get in touch
Her adoption fee is £425 including UK postage. Overseas postage is an extra £25



Friday, 20 October 2017

Little Pippy available now

This sweet little soul is called Little Pippy. He's 10 inches tall and is made from soft alpaca in a golden beige shade.
I gave him a very baby look and he is sporting a cheeky short hairdo.
He has wool felt sculpted paw pads in beige, black glass eyes to which I've added sculpted detailing.
I gave him a black stitched shiny nose which I have sealed with a satin sheen 
I gave him a little copper bell on a stripy ribbon

His adoption fee is £325 including UK postage. International postage is £25 extra