Thursday, 11 May 2017

Little Scout available for adoption

This sweet baby bear, who I named little SCOUT is 10 inches tall. He is made from realistic Tissavel faux fur in a beige/cream shade. He has sculpted eyelids which I have shaded with a frosted beige and black glass eyes for a doe eyed look 
He has sculpted stone colour wool felt paw pads. He has a black stitched and sealed nose and smaller ears for a baby faced look.
I am thrilled with this little one




Monday, 8 May 2017

Elena ballerina bear available for immediate adoption

I am so pleased with this pretty 10 inch girl who is made from hand dyed alpaca.
I named her Elena and I have dressed her in a sweet pink hand knitted ballerina wrapped cardigan in soft mohair wool with pink tutu and pretty bow .
She has a shell pink nose and black glass eyes with upper lids. She can stand if balanced and poses very sweetly.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Little Bean the Panda Available for adoption

I'm thrilled to introduce Little Bean the Panda just in time for Easter.
He's 11 inches tall and is made from tissavel faux fur fabric in ivory and chocolate brown .
He has black glass eyes with hand shading, a black stitched nose and I have scissor sculpted his face to create a sweet profile.
He has sculpted taupe paw pads which I have hand shaded.


Sunday, 9 April 2017

Daisy is on eBay

I've just listed this sweet bear on eBay. She's called Daisy and she's 14 inches tall. She's and extremely pretty girl bear and has lots of hand detailing.
All the information is on her auction page. The auction will go live at 8pm UK time Sunday 9th April. If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with me
Click this link to visit Daisy's auction page


Friday, 24 March 2017

Chester available for adoption

Chester is a beautiful 18 inch boy in a lovely gold German mohair. He has glass eyes which I have hand painted with a metallic copper shade. I gave him sculpted eye lids and needle felted eye whites.
He is a very heavy bear weighted with stainless steel balls
He has a hand stitched nose shaded with dark tan and finished with a glossy sheen.
He has detailed trapunto paw pads in mid brown wool felt.

He has lots of  hand detailing and I scissor sculpted his face to create a sweet profile.

I finished his look with a hand knitted green and gold scarf with pompoms

I hope you like him!

His adoption fee is £495 including UK postage. Postage overseas is an extra £30.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Peanut the Puppy availble on eBay

I am delighted with my latest project. This sweet 14 inch puppy , who I named PEANUT, is due to be listed on eBay at 8:30PM (UK time) this evening (10th March)

All the details are on the eBay page. He is a very special puppy and I do hope you like him. There are lots of lovely photos on the eBay page.
Any questions please get in touch

If you'd like to visit the auction page please CLICK HERE
(link won't work till after 8:30 PM UK time)


Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Flora the Bunny Available

First of all I need to apologise in advance. I use Constant Contact ..a bulk mailing list provider as I have too many people on my mailing list to email individually . For some very strange reason Constant Contact isn't working. I have tried regularly all after noon  to post an email to let my mailing list know about Flora but it seems to have big problems. It just keeps saying 'try later' .
So I do apologise for this and hope that it doesn't happen again

Anyway I am thrilled with this pretty bunny who I called Flora. She's about 11 inches tall and has the sweetest little face.
I gave her lop ears as I think they suit her. She's quite a heavy bunny ..filled with stainless steel balls. She has black glass eyes with hand shading a pretty pink nose, wool felt foot pads which I have sculpted and shaded.