Wednesday 14 September 2011

Ebay grumble.....

This has nothing to do with teddies but is everything to do with the dreaded ebay resolution policy which affects us as sellers.
I have had a scammer hit me with an attempt to get the item AND a refund from me. She sent me fake photos of a 'broken' item which she says she received in the post as my item was badly packed ( nonsense) the photos were of the wrong packaging and the wrong item. I told her she had sent pictures of an item which she had clearly bought from someone else..and thought that was an end to it. Then she waits 6 weeks and mocks up another picture this time using my packaging and an old broken teapot and demands a refund or she will leave me negative feedback. I instigated a complaint against her with ebay who agreed with me and issued her with a warning yet she still was able to leave me negative feedback which ebay will not remove despite their own findings that she did indeed in breach of their feedback policy.
So this is just a warning that there are scammers out there and eBay seems to support the buyer whatever..even the scammers. They also wrecked my seller ratings over postage charges despite the fact that I had to supplement the amount she paid in order to post the item to her....
Now my eBay 100% feedback is wrecked because the powers that be won't recognise that I have been the victim of a huge and common scam which is the scourge of eBay and is why I have to think twice about which countries I will now post to. There seem to be places in this world where this type of double crossing is endemic.
Anyway it stinks...HMMMMPH!!


  1. It is hard to believe there are people in the world like that. You would think E bay would support you when they could clearly see she was telling fibs.
    Any one that knows you would not hesitate in ordering from you.
    Hope things improve.

  2. It drives you mad. I know it sounds a bad thing to say but there are some countries that seem to have more problems. I know some ebayers who refuse to deal with them.