Tuesday 22 March 2011

To Etsy...or not to Etsy....

I am deliberating about ETSY.....I have had problems since the beginnning of the business with the first come first served option when selling my bears. I am looking at the option of incorporating an ETSY shop into my website which will allow people to buy the bear by clicking a button. This solves the issue of who was first..and might be a fairer way to resolve the problem.
I'd be interested to hear what people think of ETSY and whether it might work?


  1. Hi Jenny

    I like Etsy for these exact same reasons and that's exactly why I started to use it. Although not everyone has an Etsy account it is easy to use, plus I still allow people the option to buy direct from me via email so I have both bases covered and so far I have continued to sell both ways with no problems. You could however simply add paypal buttons to your available bear page here they are easy to do, the only reason I have not done so is I feared a double sales with paypal buttons and Etsy.

  2. Love the new look and new place! I'm looking into Etsy too, I'd also be interested in what others have to say. I know Melanie Jayne likes it, could be the way to go.

  3. You've got me thinking of using Etsy when I have a bear or two available for adoption. I think it's a great idea, and has worked well, as Melanie attests. And you also have me seriously wanting to get a URL and make my blog more customized as my main site (I don't care for ".blogspot" in the URL!); I think yours looks great!

  4. Hi Jenny, I used Paypal buttons for the recent Blooming Bear Show. I liked how it worked--it was easy and worked well in avoiding the whole first come, first serve issue.


  5. Well!! I know I said I love Etsy and still do, but figured whats the point of redirecting people around the online world or making people register with yet another site to make a purchase so I have simply added paypal buttons to my website and will add them to my blog when I have new bears available. And best of all the paypal buttons are easy to make in your paypal merchant tools. Good luck Jenny with what ever you decide to do