Monday 21 March 2011

New home for the THREE O'CLOCK BEARS

For some time now I have been struggling to do my website and my blog...and I have to always ask my son in law to update my website and it's such a pain in the neck! Anyway I decided , after talking to various people that the way forward is to have a home for my blog AND my website under the same roof so to speak. I will be able to upload news, bears, pictures and all kinds on nonsense here on my website cum blog.
I hope it will prove easier than having to cajole people into helping me.
This weekend has been a huge learning curve for me, initially I asked Shelli from Potbelly Bears to help to design this new template and she did a fabulous job, but my head is full of stuff that only I can see and so I decided after a whole weekend of clicking and saving, reading, re-reading and swearing that I could manage to do it myself. Like the little train that could , I think I can I KNOW I can!
This is the first post of many to this blog and I hope that someone out there wants to read my ramblings!!!


  1. It looks great Jenny! I've used Etsy a little here and there, but not secured any sales yet because every time I advertised on Etsy, the bear would sell from my website first! I think if you use it as your primary selling venue, it could work well with your new/blog website.

  2. Hi Jenny i rember your last website waiting for the finishing touches from your son-in-law, i think its great that you have attempted to attempt your own, and i love listening to ramblings on, so carry on rambling Jen .

  3. Love it Jenny, so glad for you, to have had a spring the colours, the photos, how did you choose favs for the album, they are so pretty, I love Gwendoline and Vienna and Oh I love them all..I need to make another poem page with them, lil darlins thank you xo