Saturday 24 June 2023

Jacques is available for adoption.

I’m so pleased with this sweet bear. His name is Jacques.  He really has the sweetest face. It’s the new style I’ve been doing and I really like it.  
He’s 12.5 inches tall and is made in mouse brown Tissavel faux fur. He has beige ultrasuede paw pads , which I’ve sculpted and shaded. 
He has black glass eyes and a stitched and sealed nose. 
I gave him a silk bow in a toning taupe shade. 

I am so sorry how this worked out. My usual method of accepting payment appears to have been deleted by PayPal . I have to investigate the new system as it not simple at my end. Also the email I usually sent out was accidentally set to a different time zone and would have gone out too late. I’ve really had a horrible couple of weeks. So I hope this is the last problem I encounter for a while. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience. ❤️

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