Thursday 11 February 2021

Customs and duty in EU countries.

Deliveries to the European Union 

Since the U.K. left the EU in January 2021 any parcel sent to EU member countries will attract VAT and possibly import duty. Please be aware of this before you click ‘Buy it Now’ 
Please check out your own countries rules on imports from the U.K.  
At present the USA is not charging the recipient tax on U.K. imports up to your personal allowance which I believe to be up to $2000. 
But other countries residents should check before they buy. 
Nothing has changed for countries other than those in the EU but nevertheless please check before you commit to buy. 
Please note that these charges are imposed upon me as well and I cannot circumvent them in any way. 
I am very sorry that this has happened and I hope that in the future things will change but at the moment we don’t have a choice. 

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