Sunday 27 August 2017

Little Tommy is availabe for immediate adoption

This is Little Tommy. He's one of my new 'Dolly Bears' named because they are teddies but I made them have the attributes of a doll. A characterful face and a pretty hairstyle along with a cute outfit to go with the character.
He's just under 10 inches tall and is made from wheaten alpaca with a head of curly hair.
I gave him large glass eyes with sculpted detailing for added expression .
He has a black stitched nose and sculpted shaded paw pads.
I made him a sweet outfit in hand dyed linen mix fabric ..its a turquoise blue /grey...along with a sweet bakers boy cap in hand dyed pure wool.
I made him felt kicker boots which look so sweet.

Please get in touch for further details.
His adoption fee is £350 including UK postage , overseas postage is an extra £25


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