Tuesday 28 February 2017

Flora the Bunny Available

First of all I need to apologise in advance. I use Constant Contact ..a bulk mailing list provider as I have too many people on my mailing list to email individually . For some very strange reason Constant Contact isn't working. I have tried regularly all after noon  to post an email to let my mailing list know about Flora but it seems to have big problems. It just keeps saying 'try later' .
So I do apologise for this and hope that it doesn't happen again

Anyway I am thrilled with this pretty bunny who I called Flora. She's about 11 inches tall and has the sweetest little face.
I gave her lop ears as I think they suit her. She's quite a heavy bunny ..filled with stainless steel balls. She has black glass eyes with hand shading a pretty pink nose, wool felt foot pads which I have sculpted and shaded.



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