Saturday 6 June 2015

Buttercup the Kitten Available for adoption

I am thrilled to introduce this pretty kitten who I name Buttercup. 
She is made from fabulous Tissavel Faux fur in a lovely warm gold. She has an inner armature which is made from locline and wire which I have covered with batting. 
She measures 12 inches from nose to tail (not including her tail) and is 11 inches tall not including her ears. 

She can be gently posed and lift her head up and down. I stitched her feet adding trapunto wool felt paw pads and her nose is needle felted and waxed then sealed.. She has hand painted glass eyes finished with needle-felted detailing. I created her pretty profile by needle felting and firmly rooting the fur into the felting..

She has suede inner ear linings and a wired tail  for gentle posing. 

She has a contrasting cream chest blaze and I also contrasted the tip of her tail and her chin.

I finished this sweet kitten with a pretty buttery taffeta silk bow. 


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