Tuesday 17 March 2015

New Bear on eBay

I have just listed this beautiful bear on eBay. 
His name is Liberty and I made him from a vintage fur cape which i bought at an antique fair. It dates from about 1930 and is in pristine condition. I did consider the ethics of using real fur but I decided that this piece ..which incidentally hasn't seen light of day for well over 40 years would serve a better purpose being up-cycled to create a lovely teddy which would be loved and displayed in a home rather than being a forgotten garment in an attic. 

There will be people who don't like anything made from fur, even though this piece represents a time when thermal garments didn't exist and that these pelts were used for warmth. Unlike today when it is not a necessity. I respect that view but nevertheless feel that the animal is best celebrated by transforming it into something that I have taken great care to create.
I may never make another real fur bear but in doing this I feel that I have made something rather lovely out of something sad and forgotten.

LIBERTY is on eBay for 5 days commencing at 9pm (UK time) on Tuesday 17th March. All the details are on the auction page which will be live at 9pm. 
Do get in touch if you have any questions

Here is the link to the auction

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