Tuesday 23 July 2013

Please be vigilant....

I have been thoroughly shocked by the news that some artist bears are being used to rinse cash from unsuspecting collectors on the  secondary market by selfish and devious scammers. They advertise a bear for sale when they don't actually even own it. They do this by posting pictures which they copy from websites such as this..then sell it asking for gifted payments through PayPal...giving the buyer no protection. When the buyer claims they have not received the bear they have nowhere to complain to as they have gifted the funds to the seller. This scam is not just happening in our industry ...but as our items are often high ticket value pieces it is appealing to unscrupulous scammers. Please be aware of fake eBay auctions too....it happens...

Please be vigilant ....as some innocent people have lost out to scammers...This is one reason why I ask sellers to check with me before using my photos and why I seek to have such sales removed if the don't ask. I often don't know who physically owns bears and what condition they may be in. So while using my photos might be an option alongside an actual picture of the bear now in the  light of these devious scams please be aware that I will report unauthorised use of my photos, unless you let me know beforehand that you would like to use them . 

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  1. Thanks for the warning Jenny - this really stinks doesn't it?! There is someone out there who is doing a similar thing and has caused so much trouble with a lot of collectors. I also know of another person who again is/was doing something along those lines but with clothing. These people really do need to be kicked into touch that's for sure!!
    Take care and have a good day.
    Lyn:o)) xx