Thursday 28 March 2013

This is WILLIS...who is available for adoption

I am so thrilled to introduce the second of my newest design. The first was TOBY and this is WILLIS. He is a very sweet bear with just a hint of 'old fashioned' stitched into his seams. 
He is 11 inches tall and has a lovely shiny stitched nose...a rounder head shape giving him a really sweet and characterful profile. I have made him using vintage mohair which is lined with cotton. I hand dyed it to a lovely hazel shade. He had needle-felted eyelids and needle sculpting to his face for added definition.I gave him just a hint of a smile which i think makes him all the sweeter.
 I sculpted his wool felt paw pads and then shaded them.
He is wearing a hand knitted mohair sweater in a camel shade finished with hand dyed ribbons and a Three O'clock charm .
His adoption fee is £325 and he is available for immediate adoption

1 comment:

  1. I love him. I love the shape of his head, and this mohair really show it off.