Thursday 30 August 2012

The big reveal next week!

Next week I will be revealing the 3 bears that will be available on the SILLY BEARS stand at Hugglets next month. I will be posting photos on Wednesday so you can see what I have been up to. Those bears will be available for adoption through Silly Bears so if you are interested do get in touch with them via the website

At the moment I am working very hard on the 10 bears for the Silly Bears artists signing on the 6th October. I am very excited to be asked back this year as this is a complete honour. I never look upon it as a right of passage since Julieann works with so many brilliant artists I would not know how I would pick people to represent the company if I were in her shoes.

I won't be able to show photos of those bears because it's a shop event and bears will go online on the shop website at 3 pm.

In between I am trying very hard to do a small bear for my own website but that may not be possible as I am flat out working on the shop bears! But do watch this space as I might find a few hours here and there to squeeze one in!


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