Sunday 5 August 2012

Ickle Mo....available now!

To Celebrate the 2012 Olympic Games I am delighted to introduce Ickle Mo. This sweet little bear measures just under 6 inches and is made from pale gold Schulte viscose.
He has a sweet needlefelted, expressive face which I have hand shaded. He has shaded and sculpted felt foot pads in grey brown.
He is just a handful and I have weighted him with steel ball bearings for added stability.
He is wearing a purple winning ribbon with a vintage gold medal attached, bearing the words 'GOOD LUCK' I hope he will be someones good luck charm!

Though I am not known for creating aged bears, prefering my newly made characters to acquire their own true provenance, this little bear has a dishevelled look  which gives him a slightly aged look...which  is quite different from my regular designs. So I am hoping someone out there will love him enough to give him a home amongst their hug! It is always hard when doing a new design because while I like to push the envelope it's not always what collectors expect, or want. My last lttle bear, though slightly bigger, was very much in the same vein and I do hope that these sweet little souls will become a Three O'Clock staple in the future as I very much enjoy the hand sewing and the teeny-ness ( if that is a word!!)  of their personality!
His adoption fee is £175 and includes UK postage. European and Republic of Ireland address are £5 postage and the rest of the world £10. Click on the correct amount from the drop down menu below to include postage.
Get in touch if you have any questions

Ickle Mo has now been adopted...HUGE thanks!!!


  1. He is so huggable Jenny. I love him.

  2. Dear Jenny,

    D*** I only see him now, too late :-) I really love this new design of yours, and the smaller size appeals to me, too. Give him a cuddle for me before you send him off for his new mum, won't you ...

    Hugs Lone

  3. Awww what a little sweetheart! Ickle Mo has such an adorable face. :)