Saturday 14 July 2012

My new Nursery Bear GILDERS available for adoption

I have been busy this week sorting out all kinds of family stuff which comes along at the most inopportune moments but I loved my last bear so much that I decided to do a similar style. This pattern is a little more traditional even than my last bear.

This is GILDERS who is 17 inches tall and has nice long arms and a humped back. He has bigger feet that I have done in a long while , and even though I have still sculpted them they are more elongated in shape as remiscent of bears who would have graced nurseries in days gone by.
Gilders is made from a real, proper gold wavy German mohair and has chestnut ultrasuede  paw pads with hand shading.
I have added some needle felted eye detailing as I so try not to fiddle but I love that he has such a soft expression that makes my heart flutter!
He has a poseable wobble neck and I made him an apple green and white stripy cravat which I tied into a flamboyant bow.

GILDERS is available for immediate adoption. His adoption fee is £625 including postage.

GILDERS has now been adopted...HUGE thanks!!


  1. What a wonderful bear. Such a slender, reminds of a teenager 15 years - still am not young, but already not a little boy. .
    If not a secret, what is the length of the NAP (hairs, strings, I do not know how correctly it sounds in English) in mohair? My husband is now in Berlin and I want to entrust to buy a fur.
    Какой замечательный медведь. Такой стройный, напоминает подростка лет 15 - еще не юноша, но уже не маленький мальчик. .
    Если не секрет, какой длины ворс (волоски, ниточки, не знаю как правильно это звучит на английском) у мохера? У меня муж сейчас в Берлине и я ему хочу поручить купить там мех.

  2. The pile of this fabric is about 24mm long...hope that helps!

  3. Very beautiful bear, Jenny, so nice and elegant!!