Wednesday 16 May 2012

Yasmin Le Bunny available for Adoption

This is Yasmin Le Bunny..she is just over 11 inches tall and is designed to stand but can also sit. She is made from lovely soft alpaca fabric in ivory and I have worked very hard to create her face using firm needlefelting needle sculpting and hand shading techniques.
I have also needle felted her little rabbity feet which I aklso shaded .
She has a tiny white bobtail and fine whiskers. I gave her large black glass eyes for an appealing expression and lop ears which I thought suited her best.
I finished her look wth a pretty strawberry icecream pink bow in cotton.
She is available for immediate adoption on a first come first served basis.

Her adoption fee is £465 including UK postage and for European and repoublic of Ireland addresses add £5 and the rest of the world add £10

Yasmin has now been adopted...huge thanks


  1. Yasmin Le Bunny is very beautiful. I can see you worked very hard on her and it paid off. What a quick sale Jenny congratulations.

  2. Зайка великолепный!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sweetie :-)

    All the best to you Jenny,
    Lone & Co.

  4. what a wonderful bunny, i am falling in love by this pictures

    greats from sylvia by the mäsywi-baeren