Tuesday 17 April 2012

Munchi....a sweet bear available!

Well this is Munchi Bear...he's just soooo sweet ...he has the cutest face and a button nose..I just love him. I am doing a panda in this fabulous fabric for Silly bears in Aberdeen!He's 17.5 inches has a wobble neck joint for posing...it's poseable though...not so floppy that it looks like they broke their neck !!
He is made in a glorious silvery beige faux fur which is just gorgeous.
I gave him big eyes for a baby faced look and added needle felted detailing. I sculpted nice texture paw pads in faux cashmere which I have shaded for added interest.
I gave him a burgundy pleated ruffle and added some pansies for a spring feel.
Please  get in touch if you would like to know more about this armful of cuddles!
Munchi Bear has been adopted...Huge Thanks


  1. Ваши игрушки ВЕЛИКОЛЕПНЫ!!! Я ими восхищена!!!!!!!!