Saturday 14 April 2012

A lovely girl looking for a nice home!

Well, here is a long story..I made this bear for a customer request and suffice it to say she didnt fit the I changed her face thinking she would be more what the lady wanted..she still didnt like her so to put her on my website for sale...but then I wasn't keen on her espression. ( It was Friday the 13th) So I then I couldnt sleep with thinking how to deal with it....not worrying just thinking. So I got up at 4 am and worked on her all day, gave her a whole new look and I am now looking for a home for her.
She is a big 18 inch girl who I have called April Blossom. I made her a pretty coat in duchesse satin in  oyster beige trimmed with a silver beige peter pan collar. I made a pretty flower and a bow for her hair. She has oyster pink shading to her feet ...lots of detailing to her eyes to create her sweet look.

April has now found a new home! Thanks so much!


  1. Oh man! I was at work and missed her!!! Geesh! She is a beauty!!!!

  2. oh this one is in my eyes perfectly

    love greats from sylvia by the mäsywi-bears