Monday 12 March 2012

Suzette...a lovely girlie bear available

Well finally, I have managed to make a girl bear. YAAAAY!! It's been an age since a proper girlie bear emerged from the Three O'clock  Bears Workshop. It's not for the want of trying but it;'s just the way it goes!
Anyway here is Suzette a sweet girl who is just under 14 inches tall and is made from gorgeous Schulte mohair in a silver beige shade. She has needle felted eye detail with felted in eyelashes and the most gorgeous doe eyed expression.
I have has a pretty silk dress for a while and thgough its pure silk I was not sure of the colour so I hand dyed it this milk chocolate shade and then added a Victorian lace collar which I trimmed with hand dyed ribbon. I gave her a pretty bandeau ribbon round her head in complementary shades of brown.

She has deeply sculpted trapunto foot pads and sculpted upper paw pads which I have shaded for added detail.
She's available right now for immediate adoption and can be purchased directly via the Paypal button below.
Suzette has now been adopted!!! Thanks so much

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