Wednesday 14 December 2011

Ickle Chick available now!

This is a lovely baby bear who I named Ickle Chick...she has such a sweet baby face and is made from Schulte faux fur which I distressed to give her a more 'loved' feel. Ickle Chick is 9 inches tall and is wearing a little bib which I embroidered with a tiny chick...bringing back memories of nurseries from bygone times.

Ickle Chick's adoption fee is £185 including shipping...

Ickle Chick has now been adopted...Thanks!!! :O)

I have another baby bear on my work table and it will be ready on Sunday... fingers crossed..


  1. Ickle Bambino sends lots of hugs to her baby sister :-) Also from me, Lone x

  2. Sending big hugs back to you Lone!!
    Jenny and the Bears X

  3. such a sweety again, i love him