Monday 21 November 2011

Poppet a sweet puppy on eBay later..

I have just listed an eBay auction for Poppet, my newest little puppy. All her details are on the auction page which will go live at just after 9pm UK time and will run for 7 days from today (21st November). Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more about this sweet design.
I have deliberated long and hard about eBay and whether to run these auctions and have taken on board all the helpful feedback...but in the case of these new designs I think it is a good means of creating visibility for my work so it is worth me taking a chance.

Layaway is available for this auction but if you intend to use this facility please let me know before you bid.


  1. You really have the knack with these little sweeties. Gorgeous.

  2. I am expecting him to bark at me.

  3. Will there be another Poppet as I have just been directed to your fb page and found her.

    Your work is amazing.

  4. will there be any more poppets as she is amazing?
    Your work is truly wonderful.

  5. I am hoping to do another puppy at the end of February....or maybe sooner...but I so love making these that I will definitely make more!