Thursday 13 October 2011

Mabel..a sweet little puppy on eBay!

This is my newest project. I have been working on creating this puppy head shape for some time now ...and simple as it looks, often the simplest things take the most thinking about!!
I am delighted with how this sweet little scamp turned out.
Mabel is on ebay for 3 days starting at 8.30pm UK time , Thursday 11th Oct , she finishes on Sunday.
Do pop along and have a look at her auction. all the details are there along with some nice photos of her!


  1. оооо!! какая мордашка-какая милашка...хочется погладить и приласкать))

  2. Jenny, your puppies are wonderful.

  3. That second photo....adorable.

  4. When are you doing more????? I want to get one.

  5. I often think of doing another Mabel style puppy....may e later this year!