Thursday 19 May 2011

A Garden of Teddies

Well I have been so busy I have not even logged on here for a week or so....but I have just dropped by to post some  pictures of the 3 bears who have taken the high road up to Silly Bears in Aberdeen and will be available as part of Julieanns Summer Collection entitled, 'A Summer Garden'
All the details will be on the SILLY BEARS WEBSITE  when the go live tomorrow night. But in the meantime here are some pictures!

CANDYTUFT (20 inch)

MOONSHINE (23inch)

Little Dewey (16 inch)


  1. curious, curious on what sort of fur you are using, love the third one the most, delicate texture and very beautiful silhouette!

  2. The two beige ones are made from TISSAVEL faux fur....which is so soft and realistic and the pink one is mohair which I hand-dyed myself!