Tuesday 5 April 2011

Anyone for Pizza?!!

I don't often report the grandchildrens antics because not everyone goes gooey over other people kids but the other day my husband , Steve, was wallpapering at my daughters house. He had gone out without breakfast and was really hungry.In the middle of him putting up a piece of wallpaper Elizabeth , my 5 year old grand-daughter shouted...'grandad...do you you want a pizza?'
He shouted back , 'who is making it' she shouted back , 'me'.
So thinking that she and her daddy would be making a pizza he said he would love one and was looking forward to 'lunch'
Half and hour later Elizabeth pops her head up and said 'It's Ready,' and presented him with a Playdoh one that she had 'made'
Serves him right for not eating breakfast!!